Ski equipment for kids is expensive. When you have multiple kids who are into skiing, it can be overwhelming to fork over so much money for ski boots every year. And what about those years where they go through multiple sizes during a growth spurt? Forget about it! Many ski rental places have beat up, uncomfortable rental boots that simply are not worth it. Good thing there’s Utah Ski Gear, a family run business that knows what it’s like to try to keep up with grown kids and their equipment needs. Save money on ski boots when you buy Roces. Roces adjustable ski boots grow along with the growing feet of your child. Forget about boot shopping and dropping money every season on new or used boots. When you invest in a Roces ski boot, you are set for the next few years. Each range of adjustable ski boot encompasses 2.5 to 3 sizes. There is really nothing worse on the hill than your kid complaining of his or her boots being too tight. Go ahead and adjust the size according to their foot. Remember, ski boots need to be tight for safety, but this doesn’t mean they should be painful. Utah Ski Gear carries Roces ski boots for girls, for boys and unisex colors. All of which are high performing ski boots for any level of skier. Let us know if you need another Roces option, we will contact our partner and try to get it for you.

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