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Using a ski vise when tuning is a must for accurate and precise edge work and scraping. The Toko Ski Vise Race is an Italian made vise for racing skis. This ski vise accommodates skis between 40mm and 90mm wide. If you have wider skis, you have the option to clamp to the binding. The Toko Ski Vise Race is equipped with 30mm clamp pads which enable you to secure the vise to the sidewall without slipping. Use this adjustable race ski vise to rotate your skis 60° and 90°. This way you can easily access the edges without performing crazy contortionist moves. The Toko Ski Vise Race is a three piece clamping system built to last.

  • Secures your skis to your workbench for tuning and waxing
  • Fits skis between 40mm (1.57in) and 90mm (3.54in) wide
  • Holds ski in 3 positions: horizontal, vertical and 60° angle for edge tuning
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Part Number: 5560047

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