Therm-ic C-Pack Extension Cords (120 cm)


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For easier access to your ski boot heater settings, try out some Therm-ic C-Pack Extension Cords. These 120cm cords plug into your heated insoles, and can then be fed up under your pant leg to your chest pocket or the top of your bibs where you can keep your battery pack conveniently located. With your heat control so close at hand, you can easily adjust your temperature setting for optimal comfort while skiing or snowboarding.

  • 2 extension cords for Therm-ic C-Pack batteries
  • 120cm (47.3 inches)
  • Allows you to wear your PowerPack above your waist for easy access
  • Plugs into Therm-ic ski boot heater elements
  • Compatible with Therm-ic C-Pack Heat Elements and C-Pack Battery

Part Number: Tc-T40-0900-005

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