Swix UR10 Yellow Bio Training Wax – 180g in Bulk Packaging


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Swix UR10 Yellow Bio Training Wax is formulated for warmer snow temperatures, between 28 and 50 degrees F. This environmentally friendly ski wax features a biodegradable formula and comes in bulk to reduce plastic packaging. Apply this wax with a hot wax iron for base protection and superior gliding in warm snow. Don’t let grabby spring snow conditions slow you down, just use Swix UR10. Not sold in retail packaging.

  • Warm weather ski and snowboard wax
  • Recommended iron temperature: 230F (110C)
  • Snow temperature range: 28-50F (-2 to 10C)
  • 180g (6.3oz)
  • Biodegradable ski wax

Part Number: UR10-900

UPC: 7045951512274

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