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If you love to snowboard, then the Swix Pro Snowboard Wax and Tool kit is a must have. This convenient kit equips you with all the day to day necessities as a snowboarder. This includes everything from waxing to edge sharpening to base repair and binding repair. Included in the kit you will receive one 60g XFC6 wax. This wax is to be ironed in and is good for cold snow as well as hard summer snow. It also comes with a combi filt nylon brush for paste and wax. This brush has filt on one side and nylon on the other. You will receive a snowboard plexi scraper to scrape your wax after you have ironed it on. To make sure that your edges are in pristine condition a medium 400 grit diamond file as well as a pocket sized edge sharpener to file your steel edges. To finish off your edge sharpening there is a ceramic coarse stone included to remove striations and helps your edge to hold its sharpness longer. Along with that there is a bag of replacement binding screws and a compact pocket screw driver to tighten your bindings on the go if they ever become loose. Lastly there are two sticks of black p-tex drip candles included to fill in any gashes in your board. These can be used with an ordinary lighter and then dripped into the necessary spots on your board and scraped with your hand scraper after. All of this comes in a convenient zippered bag that is only 6″x12″.

  • Carrying Bag
  • 60 g XFC6 Wax for -6C to -20C
  • Combi filt nylon brush for paste and wax – T0166XF
  • Snowboard plexi scraper – SBO34D
  • Medium 400 grit 100mm diamond file – TAA400
  • Pocket size file holder with file for edge sharpening
  • Bag of replacement binding screws
  • Compact and comfortable pocket screw driver
  • Ceramic stone coarse – T0996
  • 2 pc Black polystick – T1716

Part Number: DSG14-1

UPC: 765698159996

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Dimensions 2 × 12 × 6 in



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