Swix Cera Nova X CH6 Blue Wax – 180g


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Swix Cera Nova X CH6 Blue is a high performance paraffin wax for skis and snowboards trekking artificial and glacier snow. This quality hydrocarbon wax is an industry standard for most skiers. It is easy to apply, and keeps your skis sliding fast so you can smoke your buddies down a run. It offers good glide plus base protection at an economical price. This affordable training wax can be used in races or just for enjoying a little recreational skiing.

  • Cold weather glide wax for skis and snowboards
  • Snow Temp: 23-14 degrees F (-5 to -10 degrees C)
  • Set wax iron to 145 degrees C (293 degrees F)
  • 180g (6.4 oz)

Part Number: CH06X-18

UPC: 7045950614115

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