Swix Cera Nova LF10 Yellow Low Fluoro Ski Wax – 180g Bulk Packaging


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Help save the planet when you buy ski wax in bulk packaging. This 180g package of Swix Cera Nova LF10 Yellow is a must have at any ski shop or gear head’s work bench. This bulk slush wax has a low fluoro content, so it makes a great travel wax or base wax for other HF and Cera F products. Formulated for warm, wet snow, LF10 Yellow provides the right foundations for dirt repellent high fluoro glide waxes and powder overlays. Packaged for bulk sales to save you money, we sell individual 180g bars in a plastic tub without the lid, to save on plastic waste.

  • Bulk slush wax for skis and snowboards
  • Low fluoro Yellow formula, for snow between 32F – 50F (0C – 10C)
  • Premium base and travel wax
  • Environmentally friendly bulk packaging
  • Wax iron setting: 248F (120C)

Part Number: LF010-900

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