SVST The FinalCut – 1.5 Degree – RTFC15


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This FinalCut base bevel from Sun Valley Ski Tools provides a 1.5 degree base edge bevel for skis. Use this tool for super accurate cutting. The Final Cut is set up to stop beveling once the desired angle has been reached, thereby protecting your ski’s base from being cut into. Take the guess work out of your base edge filing when you use The Final Cut. This tool works well with diamonds, files, and stones. The 1.5 degree bevel is an excellent choice for performing beginner snowboard tunes.

    • Base edge file guide for skis
    • Produces super accurate 1.5 degree base edge bevel
    • Accuracy may be compromised if you change the riser plates
    • Compatible with diamond files, stones, and files

Part Number: SVST RTFC15

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