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If you’re looking for a base beveling file guide, check out the 0.5 degree Final Cut from Sun Valley Ski Tools. This ski edge file guide is highly accurate, and has a special guarding system that stops the filing once the edge has reached 0.5 degrees. This protects your ski base from being beveled, especially if you get a little carried away on your filing job. Constructed from durable, aircraft-grade materials, the Final Cut 0.5 degree beveling tool offers a strong, reliable edge set and is compatible with most files and diamond stones.

  • 0.5 degree bevel for advanced, GS and Slalom skiing
  • Premium aluminum and stainless steel
  • Tools stops cutting after 0.5 degree bevel is accomplished
  • Compatible with files, stones, and diamonds 4 inches or longer

Part Number: RTFC5

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