Roces Idea Up Adjustable Ski Boots – Deep Pink / White – Size 16.0 to 18.5


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Kid’s feet grow fast. Sometimes parents are stuck switching out multiple pairs of ski boots for their youngsters all season. Thankfully, there’s Roces Idea Up adjustable ski boots. Instead of visiting the ski shop every month for new kid’s ski boots, just outfit your child with these adjustable boots and you’re ready to rock all winter. Idea Up ski boots can be easily adjusted with the crank wheel mechanism located in the heel of the boot to accommodate 6 sizes, which should last a few seasons. This new and improved version of Roces’ famous adjustable ski boots includes an extra layer to protect against cold air and moisture, so your kids stay happy and comfortable while you ski with them this year.

  • Adjustable ski boots for kids
  • Deep pink with white accents
  • Easy to adjust between sizes 16.0-18.5 (US Kids 9-12)
  • Easy single buckle closure
  • Advanced moisture and heat loss protection keeps feet warm and comfy

Part Number: RC-45049000009

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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5 in
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