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Get found easier with the Ortovox ZOOM Plus avalanche beacon. The Zoom+ has extensive, state of the art features that put it in a class all its own. This 3 antennae avalanche beacon enables you to search and rescue multiple victims in the event of a slide. The ZOOM+ has a smart feature that figures out which other antennae is the best to transmit to in order for the fastest rescue to happen. The secondary avalanche switchover feature detects motion, so if another avalanche fails to occur, the beacon switches back to transmit mode. The large LED screen displays search instructions and emits audible cues when in rescue mode, to help you narrow in on your target faster. All this great technology is packaged into a Ortovox avalanche transceiver bag with a hand loop for easy and safe transport.

  • RECCO reflector inserted inside to get you on the network of professional rescuers in your area
  • Always monitors transmitter
  • Multiple victim rescue capabilities
  • Automatic switchover within 120 seconds if a secondary avalanche occurs
  • Backlit extra large LED screen is easy to read
  • Audible cues
  • 2 buttons
  • 3 antennae

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