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OneBall Jay’s climbing skins wax is one of the best ways to improve your ski or snowboard touring trip. Applying this wax will help to ensure your skins glide better all week and don’t ice up. This wax contains 85 grams of High Tech Graphite Fluoro blend with all temp and all conditions base wax so your skins can glide in all snow conditions. To apply the wax to your splitboard or ski touring skins you just need to set the iron on Low (you don’t want to go too high as you can burn the hairs on your skins), rub a good layer of wax onto the skin either with or against the grain, and then iron the wax in the same direction as the fibres for about 60 seconds. After those steps, repeat to apply more wax. After 2 applications you should be good to go!

  • Wax for Climbing Skins
  • 85g
  • All Conditions with High Tech Flouro Graphite Blend
  • Max Gliding No Ice Formula
  • Low Iron Temperature

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