One Ball Jay X-Wax 5 Pack – 225g – WX5


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This 5 pack of One Ball Jay X-Wax is the best value for base wax. The X-Wax series is the fastest offering from Oneball besides their race wax. These flourinated speed waxes can be applied with a snowboard waxing iron for best results, but you can also rub this wax on if you’re in a hurry. This pack includes a wax for every temperature range, as well as a base prep wax to clean and condition your snowboard base.

  • Base Prep Wax (Cleaning Wax), 45g
  • Warm: 32F to 26F (0C to -3C), 45g
  • Cool: 28F to 21F (-2C to -6C), 45g
  • Cold: 23F to 12F (-5C to -11C), 45g
  • X Cold: Below 12F (below -11C), 45g
  • 225g hot wax total

Part Number: WX5

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