MFD Alltime Alpine Touring Plates Small Pair (Salomon/Atomic)


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The MFD Alltime is an alpine touring plate that is compatible with Salomon STH Driver 12/14/16, STH 12/14 and Atomic FFG Team Ski Bindings. The drop down U-Channel provides a low stack height for better ski feel while the Pendulum Pivot allow for more efficient stride with alpine ski bindings. The extruded 6061-T6 aluminum plate is extremely torsional stiffness for easy side-hilling on off camber skin tracks while the free-floating chop block provide an additional 13mm of elastic travel for uninhibited ski flex. The pole activated Dupont Zytel climbing risers offer three positions in 0,6, and 14 degree increments for more calf-friendly climbing. Includes mounting sticker.

Binding Condition: New Size Small fits with Salomon STH Driver 12/14/16, STH 12/14 and Atomic FFG Team Ski Bindings. Sole Lengths between 270-320mm.

NOTE: After mounting the bindings, if the binding screws protrude beyond the bottom of the plate, it is recommended to grind/file down them if they make contact with any part of the frame or ski, especially in the toe area. This is to prevent unnecessary wear and torsional bending.

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Indemnification Status: MFD is no longer in business and parts and service are not available directly through the manufacturer.

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For previously owned and used equipment.

  • Equipment is sold “as is”.
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Skiing is dangerous. Ski at your own risk.

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