Lucky Bums Fall Line Easy Wedge – Pink – 102PK


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Our Pink Lucky Bums Fall Line Easy Wedge is a great way to encourage your little rippers to ski safely and in control, resulting in more mountain fun for everyone! These tip clamps keeps little skis in a wedge shape, also known as the snowplow. The wedge is easy to control and stop. Once kids realize they can get their skis to do what they want, their confidence increases, as well as their spirit for adventure. Just slide the jaws onto the tips of the skis, tighten them with the thumb screws, and let the connecting bungee cord do most of the work so your young one can enjoy the sensations of sliding down the bunny hill.

  • Ski tip connector to ensure a controllable wedge
  • Rubber lined jaw protects the skis
  • Sturdy bungee cord connector
  • Pink
  • For ages 2-6

Part Number: 102PK

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