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As parents, we know that pink ski gear is almost essential to a little girl’s desire to ski (among other factors of course). The Pink Lucky Bums Easy Wedge tip clamps are a great tool to fasten to your kid’s skis to keep them in a wedge, even when they cross that scary fall line through a turn. If you want your child to ski with you for most of the day, they better learn to turn, and this requires a potentially uncontrollable moment of pointing skis down the hill. To stay in control, the Easy Wedge <strong so this moment is less frightening, and your child builds confidence.

  • Holds skis in a wedge shape
  • User friendly thumb screw tighteners
  • Easy to remove when in the lift line or on the flat
  • Build confidence for young skiers
  • Pink

Part Number: 116PK

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