Holmenkol Racing Plastic Scraper Sharpener

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Racing quality sharpener for wax scrapers.

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This Racing Plastic Scraper Sharpener from Holmenkol can be used by hand, or fastened to your tuning table. When your favorite wax scraper starts to lose its effectiveness, refresh the edges with a few passes through this scraper sharpener. Then, your sharper scraper edges will help you to quickly and smoothly remove cooled wax without a struggle.

  • Sharpener for plastic and plexi wax scrapers
  • Prolongs the life and enhances the function of wax scrapers
  • Hand held or attaches to tuning table
  • Fits scrapers 3mm to 6mm wide
  • Includes Cross-file Mini 100 x 30 mm

Part Number: H24622

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