Diaface Moonflex Diamond File Stone – 70mm 100 Grit Black


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Tune your ski or snowboard edges to perfection with the Diaface Moonflex Diamond File Stone. This portable ski edger fits in your coat pocket for emergency edge tunes in between runs. This diamond stone removes burrs while the unique design leaves a smooth finish. Forget about ugly, performance-diminishing striation marks. The Moonflex file stone leaves all of that nonsense behind. Make sure you wet the stone before using. It works best in a file guide.

  • Combines the cutting ability of a file with the polishing and de-burring of a stone
  • Premium diamond stone ideal for use on the slopes to remove burrs and polish edges
  • For best results use wet and place in a holder or guide
  • 70mm
  • 100 grit, black

Part Number: 55-500-161

UPC: 2099999283813

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