Diaface Moonflex Diamond File Stone – 102mm 200 Grit – Red – 55-500-152


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Diaface Moonflex diamond file stones polish your ski edges to a professional level. These file stones are for attaining the perfect finish on a ski or snowboard edge. The smart design of the diamond pattern removes material but leaves no striations for a fine polish. This file is ideal for a recreational skier who is ready to upgrade his or her home tuning experience. These file stones also work great for the professional ski technician perfecting the edge of a racing ski.

    • Polishing and deburring ability of a stone combined with the cutting ability of a file
    • Premium diamond stone ideal for use on the slopes to remove burrs and polish edges
    • For best results use wet and place in a holder or guide
    • 102mm
    • 100 grit, red

Part Number: Wintersteiger 55-500-152

UPC: 2099999242445

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