Brooks Range Mountaineering Slope Meter


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The Brooks Range Slope Meter AKA Inclinometer is an must have for skiers and snowboarders who plan on traveling through the backcountry. Take the guess work out of slope gradient assessment. This slope meter measures the gradient of a slope up to 55 degrees marked at every degree. You will love the quick stabilization this inclinometer provides, so you can have a quick, safe slope meter reading.

How to use your Slope Meter: Place your ski pole running down the fall line of the slope you wish to assess and then lay the Slope Meter on the ski pole for the most accurate incline reading. Danger areas are marked in red, orange, and yellow.

Analyze snow crystals on the back side of your Slope Meter with the easy to read black screen. It provides you with 1 and 2 mm grids to measure the size and shape of snow crystals.

  • Assess the danger of avalanches in the backcountry
  • Slope meter provides accurate incline measurements
  • Stabilizes quickly for fast reading
  • Most dangerous angles are marked in red, orange and yellow
  • Backside features a grid for measuring snow crystal and shape

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