Whether you are looking to buy or just rent your ski boots this year, Utah Ski Gear has you covered. We carry boots of all sizes from many reputable manufacturers. Renting ski boots at a resort can be a gamble, as they have often been used harshly by previous renters and may be unduly uncomfortable. We guarantee satisfaction on all of our purchases, new and used. Our used ski boots must adhere to a minimum quality standard, as your safety and comfort are among our top priorities as ski outfitters. If you have kids, check out our adjustable ski boots from Roces. These boots can be adjusted to multiple sizes safely and comfortably, so you can keep your child in the same boots for a few years. Given the price of ski equipment, this is a saving grace for most parents, especially those with several junior skiers in the family. Begin your adventure with quality ski equipment from Utah Ski Gear.

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    Roxa Trinity 85 I.R. Alpine Ski Boots – Women’s

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    Roxa Soul 80 Alpine Ski Boots

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    Roxa Element 110 IR Alpine Ski Boots – Men’s

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    Roxa R3W 105 T.I. I.R. Alpine Touring Ski Boots – Women’s

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    Roxa R3 110 T.I. I.R. Alpine Touring Ski Boots — Men’s


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