Utah Ski Gear

Utah Ski Gear is a grass roots brand started by a family of ski instructors from Salt Lake City, Utah. Together, they innovate creative ways to supply whole families of skiers with the equipment they need for a winter full of fun, without spending copious amounts of cash on rentals and brand new equipment. From skis, to poles to tuning kits, Utah Ski Gear puts together their favorite products for your enjoyment. Utah Ski Gear has new and used poles, boots, and skis and plenty of tuning equipment to keep you shredding safely all winter long.

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    Utah Ski Gear Black Ski Hole Plugs, 50 ct

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    Utah Ski Gear Scraper

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    Utah Ski Gear Rubber Brake Retainers (10)

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    Gift Certificates

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    Base Repair Kit

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    Mount Repair Kit

  • Utah Ski Gear Greatest Hits Wax Kit USG-GHWK_004InfoBuy

    Greatest Hits Wax Kit

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    Wintersteiger Brush Kit – Rectangular

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    Binding Bridge for Machine Tuning

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    Base Repair Kit PRO

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    Affordable Ski Race Tuning Kit


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