Toko is one of the oldest ski tuning tool manufacturers in the industry. Since the inception of the very first Toko wax in 1933, the company has continued to produce ski and snowboard tuning equipment for professionals and amateurs alike. Toko waxes in particular have an outstanding reputation among nordic skiers, alpine skiers and snowboarders. Combined with the high quality tuning tools, composing a Toko tuning kit is a fun way to aggregate the equipment you need for the ultimate winter fun for years to come. Toko delivers ski tuning equipment world wide. Utah Ski Gear is proud to be a part of the Toko legacy, and providing you with time tested performance tuning. Please let us know if you need something from Toko that is not listed on our website. We will do our best to get it to you. Products like race wax, base wax, wax irons, edge tuners, vises and brushes.

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