When it comes to state of the art portable heating systems, Therm-ic has you covered and cozy. Using patented technologies, this company has developed an extensive line of battery powered heating elements that keep your feet warm on the slopes. Utah Ski Gear has put together the most practical packages for the whole family. We also carry individual parts should you wish to upgrade or replace a Therm-ic component. Our battery powered Therm-ic boot heaters can keep you warm and toasty for up to 22 hours, which is more than enough for a satisfying day of skiing. We have Therm-ic boot heaters and battery powered socks for adults and kids alike. Keep your hands warm too, with a heated glove. There’s nothing like frozen fingers and toes to ruin a family vacation. Keep the kids happy and skiing all day long with you, when you suit them up with Therm-ic. Let us know if there is something you need from the Therm-ic line that you do not see represented on our site and we will do our very best to get it to you.

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