Lucky Bums

It’s finally here! The first year your kid gets to go skiing! Be prepared with gear designed for tiny first time skiers from Lucky Bums. Utah Ski Gear carries kids snow skis, tip clamps and ski trainer harnesses to make the learning experience fun and easy. We have skis for girls and boys, and plenty of kids safety gear so that parents can breathe a little easier while they watch their pride and joy sliding around the backyard. Lucky Bums kids skis fit children under the age of 5 and have no metal edges. Just strap the skis onto your child’s snow boots, throw on a Lucky Bums Ski Harness and watch the magical reaction your child will have to the sensation of sliding around on snow. Make the first year unforgettable with safe and sturdy equipment. If you are looking for another Lucky Bums product that you don’t see on our site, let us know. We will do our best to get it to you.

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