Holmenkol wax is one of the top choices if you’re out to win a ski race. As an official supplier to the U.S. Ski Team, Holmenkol is subject to the highest scrutiny when it comes to their products, and they must deliver the highest quality. At Utah Ski Gear, we carry Holmenkol ski wax for every temperature and snow condition. After almost 100 years making ski wax Holmenkol has become one of the most authoritative and trusted names in the business. Weather you’re looking for racing wax, natural wax, fluorinated wax, or base wax, Holmenkol has a product for your needs. One of our favorite products are the pre-blended ski wax mixes for your convenience. The discerning ski wax technician can take all of the guess work out of the complicated mixing process with the help of Holmenkol. If you are looking for something specific from Holmenkol but you don’t see it on our site, let us know so we can try to get it for you.

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