FK SKS provides a full line of ski and snowboard service tools to keep your skis in prime working condition all season long. Utah Ski Gear is a proud dealer of FK ski tools. In addition to widely popular items like the FK SKS Multi Tuner, we have a full line of wax scrapers, edge tuners, wax irons and base brushes for you to choose from. We love how portable FK ski tools are. This is a really affordable line of tuning tools, perfect for those just getting into doing their own ski and snowboard tuning. The high degree of quality, durability and performance you will find with FK ski tools meshes well with Utah Ski Gear’s standards of excellence. When you have the time to tune your skis by hand, our at home ski tuning equipment has you covered from tip to tail. Let us know if you need an FK ski tool that you don’t see on our website and we will try to get it for you.

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