At Utah Ski Gear, we care about the safety of everyone. Avalanche safety isn’t all about having the most expensive or trendy gear, it’s about keeping your touring buddies, and yourself, safe. To help you have a fun time in the backcountry this winter, Utah Ski Gear can outfit you with high performance Arva backcountry skiing safety equipment. From snow shovels, to Arva beacons to snow probes, we have the tools you need for avalanche preparedness. Arva products are made in France, with the collaboration of mountain rescuers. The carefully crafted user manuals and seamless performance of Arva beacons, shovels and probes provide you with an unparalleled backcountry skiing experience. We only offer our Arva products in store, so please come visit us at 600 E 9400 S in Sandy, UT.

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