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Hotronic Installation Hotronics: How to Set Up, Install and Use Your Heated Insoles

So you’ve received your Hotronic Boot Warmers in the mail from Utah Ski Gear, and now you need a little help with set up. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process.

This guide takes you through the steps to initially charge your battery packs,  trimming your insoles to fit you boot (if needed), attaching the Hotronic Heat Element to the insole, attaching the PowerPack to your boot, and connecting the heat element to the battery pack. We also give you some tips on how to maintain your Hotronics to prolong their lifespan.

Tips on Charging Your Hotronic PowerPack Batteries

Hotronics are fitted with rechargeable NiMH batteries, which perform well in cold temperatures. Regular batteries you find at your convenience store tend to lose their charge quickly as temperatures drop, so they are clearly not the best choice for your heated footwear needs.

The Initial Charge

When you open a brand new Hotronic battery pack, it is recommended that you charge the PowerPack for 24-72 hours initially. This conditioning charge helps to bring your battery pack to it’s full potential and longevity. If you do not begin with a conditioning charge, your battery packs will not reach their full potential.

Maintenance Charging

Hotronic recommends that you only charge your battery pack when all the LED lights are off. You may recharge while the battery pack is on, but do not change the setting.
To charge your battery packs:

  1. Plug your Recharger into an electrical socket.
  2. You will see the self-test initiate when you see a short red light followed by a short green light and then the LED turns off.
  3. Now attach the battery pack to the charger
  4. Continuous red light indicates the battery is charging
  5. Green LED means the battery is fully charged
  6. A flashing red light indicates the battery pack is not compatible with the charger.

A full battery charge takes only 3 hours or less, depending on the how depleted the battery is when you plug it into the Hotronic Recharger.

Charging your battery pack overnight after each use helps to maintain its conditioned power throughout the season, especially if it’s been a week or more since you last used your Hotronics. To keep your battery pack working at their prime, it is recommended to occasionally let the NiMH batteries discharge fully before fully recharging. You know your battery pack is fully discharged if all the LED lights are off, and the heating element is not warm anymore, even while everything is plugged in. To quickly discharge your battery pack, plug in the heating element and use continuous setting 4 until the heating element is no longer warm and the LED lights are off.

Rechargers are for use with indoor outlets only. Do not recharge your battery packs outside.

Only use the recharger with Nickel-metal-hydride batteries from Hotronic.

Do not attempt to repair your recharger. Do not let your Hotronic recharger get wet or use it with a damaged plug.

How to Attach the Battery Pack to Your Ski Boot Safely

There are multiple ways to attach your Hotronic battery pack to your ski boot. You can decide for yourself which of these ways works the best for you. How to position your Hotronic PowerPack

  • Attach to the back of your ski boot’s power strap using the wire clip
  • Attach to the front of your ski boot’s power strap
  • Using a Slide Strap Bracket or a Strap Bracket
  • Using a mounting device
  • Using an attachment strap around your calf
  • At the waist, using the 80cm extension cord
  • At the chest, using a 120cm extension cord

Do not attempt to attach your battery pack to a slippery surface, such as clipping it to the back of your ski boot. Always use a strap or mounting device for a secure, slip-free attachment.

If the Hotronic batteries are not securely in place, there is a likelihood that they will fall off and be lost. Unfortunately there is simply no way for us to warranty a missing product. We can however, warranty broken, damaged and defective products.

Trimming Your Insoles to Fit Your Boot

If you have the semi-custom insoles, you will want to trim them to fit your ski boot. Place your ski boot liner on top of the insole, and trace the outline of your liner. When cutting your insole, make sure you avoid cutting directly on the seam, as this can cause fraying. Use an exact-o knife to trim to fit. If you are using sized insoles, and your foot runs on the smaller end of the size range, you can also use an exact-o knife to trim away excess. Some Hotronics have designated areas to cut, which are denoted by little lines. Other insoles are already precut to your foot size.

Hotronic Installation

Inserting the Heat Element on Custom Insoles

Setting Up Hotronic Custom Heated Insoles
The proper position of the heat element is to place it directly under the toes. Not under the ball of the foot, nor beyond the toes. When the Heat Element is directly under the toes, your warmth output is at its most efficient. Once the heat element’s position has been decided upon, make a narrow slit far enough below the toe area of the insole so that the circular heat element has room to be located directly under the toes. The slit should be at the midpoint of the width of the insole at the distance from the toes you decide upon. Then, run the power cord through the slit and affix the heat element to the insole. Apply a Cambrelle® cover if you have one. If the Cambrelle cover needs to be trimmed to run flush with the insole, this can be done with scissors. Attach the power cord securely to the insole with the use of a Cambrelle strip.

Attaching Custom FootWarmers to Heat Ready Insoles

Hotronic Heat Ready Insoles Set Up

  1. Open the heating element door and remove adhesive.
  2. Insert the heating element and the power cord facing up, aligned with the channel for the cord.
  3. Close the heating element door and press firmly on both sides of the insole.
  4. Cover with the Cambrelle strip.
  5. Use scissors to trip to your size.

How to Install Your Hotronic Heated Insoles Into Your Boots

Installing Your Hotronics

  1. Remove the boot liner.
  2. Position the insole inside your boot liner and cut a T-slit to one side of the heel of the liner.
  3. Run the power cord through the T-slit and up the back up the calf on the outside of the boot liner.
  4. Use a Cambrelle strip or tape to affix the power cord to the back of the boot, from the base of the heel to about half way up the liner.

If there is extra power cord exposed, fold it gently and slightly splay to reduce the thickness, with a wrap of tape around the center. Place this “bow” in between the inner boot and the boot shell. Do not let a bunch of wire show. There should be just enough power cord length to reach the battery pack attached to your boot. Then, attach the power cord to your battery pack.

Using the Heat Settings

Before going out into the cold, select your heat setting to maintain comfort and warmth. You will not feel heat in this maintenance mode, but your feet will not get cold either. If your feet get cold, use the heat burst setting, which is “timed setting 4”. This provides a 3-4 minute burst of heat. Do not use this setting for more than 3 minutes at a time, or you can run the risk of getting burned.
Settings 1 and 2 maintain warmth and conserve battery life. Do not let your feet get so warm they sweat or wear super thick socks.

Storing Your Hotronics After Ski Season

When the cold season is over, it is important to properly store your battery packs to ensure their longevity. Make sure you perform a conditioning charge of uninterrupted 24-72 of plug time. Store your batteries in a location that maintains an ambient temperature of 32º-105ºF (0º to 40ºC).

Proper care and set up is essential for prolonging the life of your Hotronics. When you take great care of your equipment, your equipment will help take care of you on the slopes.