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Fitting Someone For Gear

We love to help people get the best gear possible on a budget that will be perfect for them. Part of our process is trying on multiple boots, and showing multiple options for skis, poles and fitting accessories such as helmets and googles. But what happens if you are purchasing for someone as a gift or who otherwise cannot make it to the appointment? There is no substitute for being there, but a few quick measurements will help us get close.

All sizes are in Centimeters. Inches can be converted to CM if needed.

  • Boots: Get a measurement of the foot. Start with the foot resting back against a wall, and measure forwards to the end of the longest toe. This will give you their approximate Mondo shoe size. You may want to ad 1 to this number for a comfort fit or to leave room to grow. A racer may subtract one for maximum control.
  • SKIS: Measure from the floor to top of the shoulder for a brand new beginner skier. For someone with a little more skill nose height will also work. That measurement will give you about the length of ski you could go with for newer skiers.
  • Poles: Standing up with your arms to your side make a right angle at your elbow and a fist with your hand. Measure from the ground to the top of the fist. Add 10 and this is about the pole height you would want to go with.

Hope that helps!
We look forward to helping you.
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